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“With Local Marketers, we felt like we were covered! In other words, there was a strong process to help us reach our marketing goals!”

-Co-Founder, B2B Company

Having collaborated with many Fortune 500 clients in the past, our B2B client found themselves in a situation where they required a strategy to boost their website traffic and enhance engagement with potential prospects. Achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs) was of utmost importance.

Enter the Local Marketers team. We rolled up our sleeves, fired up the brainstorm machine, and crafted an upstream marketing strategy that’s so killer it could be the lead in a crime novel. And —it worked! 🚀

Six emails into the campaign, the average open rate was 34%, leaving industry averages in the dust.

And that’s not all!

Their website turned into a bustling beehive, with visits soaring by 57%. People were glued to it like it was the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, as seen by an 87% surge in session duration.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Hit me with those numbers,” then it’s high time we had a chat about your marketing needs. We promise not to break out the flowcharts (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

If you’d like an expert’s insight in evaluating your business, be sure to reach out to our experts at Local Marketers to give your company the Business Edge it needs to increase your revenue!

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