We make marketing

and uncomplicated

We make marketing

and uncomplicated

Hello…we are Local Marketers, and we guarantee ONE thing

Think of us as your local marketers on demand. We custom build Go-to-Market strategies that are easy to execute and drive demand for your product so that you can immediately increase revenue.

And just like our company name, our approach is clear-cut and uncomplicated.

It starts with an upfront conversation, and it ends in converting your prospects to clients.

We use our Business Edge Model and its three key pillars to give you:

A Knowledge Edge

We work with you to define your market and build out customer requirements and their specific challenges. By leveraging market and customer knowledge you can effectively build a product that customers will demand.

Uncover market and customer drivers today


  • Conduct Market Assessment and Competitor Gap Map
  • Qualify Business Opportunities and Table Stakes
  • Analyze Trends and Competition
  • Create Market Roadmap


  • Research Target Audience to Define and Prioritize Challenges/Problems
  • Illustrate Customer Journey and Requirements
  • Segment and Size Target Markets
  • Create Buyer Personas

A Product Demand Edge

We construct a client-motivating brand image, a product blueprint and a straightforward marketing plan that addresses clients’ needs and drives customer demand.

Motivate prospects to demand your product today


  • Define Brand Attributes and Benefits (Real-World and Emotional)
  • Identify Personality, Values, and Brand Promise
  • Workshop and Finalize Positioning and Key Messages
  • Construct Product Blueprint


  • Conduct Research to Endorse Investment Hypothesis
  • State Strategic Drivers and Key Objectives
  • Showcase Ominchannel Tactics and Timeline
  • Build Demand Generation Resources

A Performance Edge

We execute on your behalf with the passion of an in-house employee who always uses analytics to drive revenue generating actions.

Access top-notch marketing performance today


  • Lead Content Creation
  • Produce Sales Enablement and Customer Acquisition Tools
  • Drive Omni-Channel Performance
  • Provide Business Networking and Coaching


  • Define KPIs and Measure
  • Confirm Product Promise Alignment and Evaluate Success/Failure
  • Track ROI and Recommend Start, Stop, and Continue
  • Use Analytical Findings to Drive Decisions

This combination gives you a competitive edge that directly results in an increase in client demand.

Clients found our services extremely valuable.

Local Marketers has a documented methodology and approach which means they have a process they follow when working with clients. I'd met with other marketing consultants, and none discussed their process. They all told me what they could do, but none showed me how they would do it.

Co-Founder & Salesforce MVP, Sales Enablement L&D Firm

My views have gone up over 700% on Instagram partially from my consistency in posting, but mostly because my messaging is spot on from the result of working with Local Marketers on my Go-to-Market plan. I would highly recommend any businessowner to go through this process with them. I have been in business for 4 1/2 years and have been successful, but this new insight is bringing everything to the next level.

Founder & Author, Business and Life Coach

From planning to execution, Local Marketers created and delivered a Go-to-Market plan that advanced our new company launch.

Founder, Life Sciences Consulting Firm

I hired Local Marketers to create my company’s advertisement on very short notice with a fast-approaching deadline. I gave Dami just a few ideas of what I thought would work, and within hours, she had several graphics for me to choose from. I was very impressed with her marketing knowledge, the rapid response, and her eagerness to “get it right” for the target audience. Not only did I make my deadline, but my ad truly stands out, head and shoulders above my competition.

Family Law Attorney

Local Marketers worked closely with us to learn about our industry and offer targeted services to meet our Go-to-Market needs.

General Manager, Machine Parts Manufacturer

It was great teaming up with Local Marketers as a Go-to-Market partner and advisor.

Director, Healthcare Development Coaching

Local Marketers delivers high quality work.

Director, Healthcare Company

With Local Marketers, we felt like we were covered! In other words, there was a strong process to help us reach our marketing goals!

Co-Founder & Executive Producer, eLearning Production Company

Local Marketers provides high quality work and has a great working style.

Co-Founder, Healthcare Company

Dami’s expertise was extremely valuable in helping us define and enter a new product category.

Co-Founder, Learning Solutions Company

The best part about working with Local Marketers was the strategic thinking sessions and their attention to detail.

Life Coach

Local Marketers used their strong strategic marketing experience to help me launch my company.

Health Care Executive, Biopharma & Med-Device Consulting Company

Local Marketers’ team brought great energy and dedication as well as valuable insights and a strategic approach.

Digital Marketing Operations Manager, CRM Solutions Company

Dami is an awesome representative of quality and professionalism.

Director, Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor

Local Marketers delivers quality work. Dami’s opinion is well respected due to her experience in our industry. She just “gets it.”

Director of Marketing, Animal Health Company


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Our Story

You have been there before…in a dark room at a weeklong business meeting watching the special guest on stage and thinking, “Why do they dim the lights so low?” Don’t they know it puts you to sleep, even more so than the speakers do.


The presenter was Bryan Selby, head of US Commercial at Travere Therapeutics. He was talking about the proverbial “WHAT’S YOUR WHY?” I heard the question asked many times before but this time it inspired me to act. I’m not sure if it was his polished delivery, the exact moment in time, or his genuine passion to inspire his audience…but I found myself in a dimly lit room wanting to shout, “I FOUND MY WHY!” Thank you, Bryan, for being the catalyst that brought Local Marketers to life. Your presentation was the spark that turned a goal on my bucket list (to open my own business), into a profitable marketing firm that is booming.

We provide revenue-generating marketing services to companies too small to hire a marketing department and too big to ignore marketing altogether!

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