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We’ve finally released our first Local Marketers Newsletter! It’s been an awesome year so far and we had to spread the news.

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🏢 Check Out Our New Digs

To kick-start 2023, we bought ourselves an office space (yes, we’re officially grown-ups) and gave it a makeover that could rival an HGTV show. Without further ado, it’s showtime! Hit play to check out our new Headquarters! 🏢🌟

📈 Case Study: BORING!

We ear-marked this space for a case study, but our recent research says that case studies are so yesterday, and no one wants to read them.

We prepared one and edited it out, but we’re happy to be proven wrong…

You’re wrong, I like percentages and I want to read your case study!

🔢 The Numbers 867-5309

We’ve been on a client-focused mission:

🚀 Launched SIX Go-To-Market Strategies.

🎯 Uncovered new revenue streams (new market, audiences, etc.) for FIVE clients.

📈 Kicked off FOUR CRM and Marketing Automation operational launches.

🎨 Conducted SEVEN brand makeovers.

🌎 Our global reach spans THREE continents.

👊👊👊👊👊And we earned a 5 out of 5 rating from clients who were asked, “How likely are you to recommend Local Marketers?”

🥸 Pun-Stoppable Memes

Over two years ago, we took a bold “whisk,” and it has paved the way for our ongoing success.

What daring move will your company whisk up before 2024? 🍰


We launched @olive_puns on Instagram to bring humor into our day. According to an Oracle report, “People want brands to make them smile and laugh, but most brands rarely use humor. 78% believe brands can do more to bring happiness, and 91% prefer funny brands—especially Gen Z (94%) and Millennials (94%). We figured 12,000 people across 14 countries can’t be wrong. 😄

👩‍💻 Latest Blog

Ready to explore new horizons? Whether you’re a scrappy startup or a Mega Corp, expansion is the name of the game, and we’ve got the playbook you need!

Imagine having the confidence to conquer new markets, generate fresh revenue streams, and become a heavyweight in your industry. It’s all about looking inward, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and then using that knowledge to chart your course.

Local Marketers is here to be your trusty sidekick on this epic journey.

🧠 Join A Free “Break the Rules” Mini-Workshop

For those of you that don’t want to read the three-part article above, no worries! I’m offering a 45-minute hands-on experience of what it’s like working with us. We’re known for our unconventional thinking, and this exercise is our crown jewel. 👑

Here’s how it works:

Image you’re sitting at a table, metaphorically, with our expert team. We define a service or product for what it “typically” is. Then we define what it’s not – turning it upside down and creating something new.

🍺 One, two, punch!

First, Define What It Is:

Take a sports bar, for instance—booze, stools, sports, darts, pool. You know the scene.

Now, the twist – Break the Rules and Defy Convention:

We flip the script, re-imagining what’s not typical. In our bar scenario, picture mocktails, tranquility, chess, and Zen-like art taking center stage. You catch our drift.

The aim? To unearth fresh market opportunities, discover untapped audiences, explore innovative services, or arrange imaginative packaging options. 🌟 We promise, pinky swear, that it will be the highlight of your day!

Grab your seat at the virtual brainstorming table, and let’s craft your next revenue stream!

📚 Just for Fun

Seeking inspiration? Explore reads and recipes that have fueled our minds and bellies.

💲 Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow

🤝 The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself by John Jantsch

🍔 19+ Best Gourmet Burger Recipes (Outrageous & Jaw Dropping) – The Cowboy Burger with mozzarella is our fave! 🤤

🐕 Meet Finn

Before we wrap this up, meet Finn—the newest and furriest member of the Local Marketers clan. Finn’s here to remind us that even in the fast-paced world of marketing, it’s important to hit the “paws” button and savor life’s little joys.🐾


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